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My name is Telephorus Chigwenembe, a PR practitioner, journalist and language trainer. I read for my Master's Degree in Communication Studies at Central China Normal University, P.R. China and for a Bachelor's Degree in Education at the University of Malawi.

Currently, I am the Communication Officer for the National Oil Company of Malawi Limited (NOCMA), a post I have held since June 2015, following a two and half year stint  with Plan International as a Communication & Learning Specialist for the Global Sanitation Fund Programme in Malawi. I have also worked as a Broadcast Journalist and as a Secondary School teacher before.

In 2016, I founded Chaulere Communication & PR, a consulting firm that aims at providing communication solutions to organisations ( profit and non-profit making), and  individuals.

I have created these pages so I can share with you my views on, and experiences in, Public Relations practice and other communication issues, with a focus on Malawi. This does not suggest that PR and Communication topics from elsewhere may not find their way here, though.

The PR industry is pretty new in Malawi. That in itself is a pointer to the need for practitioners to engage themselves in meaningful reflection and discourse around issues in the industry in order to establish good practices.

My work as a broadcast journalist between 2004 and 2006 entailed interacting with Public Relations practitioners and spokespersons for organisations, companies, political parties and government ministries and departments from time to time in search for news and other information. My interaction with most PR persons and spokespersons then led me to the realisation that there were serious gaps in the Media Relations sub-industry. Reflections over this were the major inspiration for me to start this blog.

Today, I am out of mainstream journalism. As I engage in my day to day PR work, there are lots of experiences I encounter, experiences I find worth sharing, discussing and debating.

Apart from Public Relations, PR Space, will also carry some communication issues outside mainstream PR, for example interpersonal communication.

PR is a complex and dynamic industry, drawing its resources from different fields and diverse problem solving approaches. It is for this reason that I invite you to share your thoughts with others and me through PR Space, regardless of your professional background or expertise. I believe that it is such discourse that will inject best practices in all our communication activities, both in the professional and non-professional contexts at different levels. Let us meet in the posts and in the comments.


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